How to preview movies from multi part .rar Archives without having all parts

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alrite.. this time.. i would to share something with all of u...

Many ppl download all parts to check the quality of the current movie they are downloading not knowing that they can preview and even extract parted files without having all the parts...

It's sure frustrating to download a multi part movie, just to find out u already have it or don't want it. Using Winrar u can preview, not sure if any, but most movies just with one part of it. It have to be the 1st part, though.

To preview the movie e.g. .mpg- .wmv- .avi- .mp3-files by downloading only the first part.
U'll need:
1. Winrar Archiver
2. Password for the RAR Archive, if it is password protected
3. A Media Player like Jet Audio, WMP Classic, Winamp or WMP etc..............

This is how:
Lets assume that u want to preview a movie that has been divided into X RAR Archives named - , anynicepronmov.part1.rar, anynicepronmov.part2.rar, anynicepronmov.part3.rar and so on.

Download anynicepronmov.part1.rar and open it with Winrar. Cick the [ EXTRACT ]-button.

NOTE: Very important! Check the [ Keep broken files ]-box

To save anynicepronmov.part1.rar u, as usual, either enter a custom address or u leave it at default. Click [ EXTRACT ]-button. Enter the password if prompted and click [ OK ].

Now u'll be prompted to give the path for the next part. Just Click [ Cancel ] and [ Close ] on the error-dialog that pops-up.

Find the path and the extracted file. There's ur preview. Play the file with ur default Media Player.
Sometimes while trying to preview .avi files u may get an error. u can remedy this by playing it in some other player like, VLC Player

Ur done and hopefully saved a lot of time and space... hehe...
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